Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Films With Smoking Need Adult Rating To 'Protect Children From Tobacco Addiction'
Ditto films witth fizzy drinks, which kill far more people than smoking does.

Donald Trump Blames 'Unfair Media' For Iowa Defeat A man of his times: it is ALWAYS someone else's fault.

Paul Ryan Hosts Budget Meeting With House Freedom Caucus. It Didn't Go Well.How could it go well? These folks think a compromise is capitulation to an enemy. 
Yep. They see their fellow Americans who hold different views as the enemy. Scary, is't it.

'New Hampshire' Episode 4: Not Just For Old, White People
Young people are more engaged in this year’s primary than what the popular image might suggest.
Dear Scott and Huffpo. Is it your view that the word "what" must always follow "than" regardless of whether it adds any meaning or just clutters up a sentence with dross. Ya know?
PS: thanks for the tips about younger voters.

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