Sunday, 21 February 2016

Israeli winner of Berlin Film Festival brands Netanyahu government 'fascist'
Uh Oh.  Doesn't he know tht telling the truth can get you into trouble?

US Election 2016: Donald Trump says he can act as presidential as any other US leader
And if you belive that he has a nice golf course in Scotaland you might want to buy.

Single women may pick the next President
By the time I Me, I , My, Mine and Me some more
Still, if single women pick the president, they couldn't do much worse than the electorate has done for the past 16 years.   On the other hand, if they are picking from the current primary candidate, perhaps they could.    First time we have seen BOTH parties put up a choice between frighteningly terrible and really horrible.

'Everybody In Westminster Knows That Boris Doesn’t Really Believe In Out. He’s Putting His Personal Ambition Before The National Interest' 
            When has he ever done anything else?

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