Monday, 15 February 2016

Scalia's death plunges court, national politics into turmoilThe Republicans have said: "Is it good for the American people and our own constitutents to be shy a justice on the Supreme Court for over a year?   Who cares?   It is good for our campaign-fund donors."

SENATE SET ON OBSTRUCTIONThe GOP may be right here: the American people should have the right to decide, so:
   There should be no budget in an election year,
   No new initiatives against terrorism in an election year,
   No new funding for defence or vets in an election year,
   No cuts in spending or the deficit in an election year,
   No ninfrastructure repair (bridges & highways) in an election year,
   No oil depletion allowance in an election year,
   No accelerated depreciation in an election year,
   No Federal Farm Insurance in an election year.

   Citizens United should be suspended in an election year,
   No voter ID laws in an election year,

   No suspension of environmental regulations in an election year,
   Let the people decide

US Navy Finds A Way To Make Its Terrifying Railgun Even Deadlier
and less polluting, with the help of our own BAE systems, Good for the Navy and well done BAE!

Teen Who Wore 'Free Palestine' Badge To School Questioned By Police
Ah, reading the story, it turns out he was NOT interviewed because of the badge. However, pretending that he was creates more mistrust and sells more advertising, so that's what Huffpo went with.

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