Thursday, 10 November 2016

President Trump

We know that the Donald is an ardent follower of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Attitudes are more important than facts."   He promises quick, painless and complete solutions to problems that are deep and complex But I have some specific questions:

1) What will the Draft-dodger-in-Chief do with the military? 
           (Is he a typical politician who is willing to lay down your life for his country?)
2) How will the First Freeloader, who is proud to pay no taxes, reform the tax code?
           (Will there be a large bonus for the 1% and a small sop for the rest of us?) 
3) How will the husband of a formerly undocumented worker handle immigration reform?
           (Will there be a difference in the way your illegal and my illegal are treated?)
4) How will a bankrupt handle our national debt?
           (Is default on the cards?)
5) Can  the guy who eschewed campaign contributions reform political finance?
         (What’s his upside for even trying to drain the swamp?)
6) Can the guy who routinely stiffs his contractors repair our infrastructure on the cheap?
         (How long could that work?)
7) Can the self-styled Christmas Christian preserve religious freedom for all religions
        (Will there be a difference in the way your religion and my religion are treated?)
Only time will tell

Our only hope is that, like most politicians, he has no intention of keeping any of his election promises.  Specific campaign promises we hope he will not keep include:
1)            Tearing up free trade and re-introducing significant tariff barriers
2)            Rounding up and deporting 11 million workers
3)            Kicking 9 million off health insurance
4)            Borrowing money abroad to pay for massive tax cuts for the very rich
5)            Withdrawing from NATO
6)            Encouraging Iran to re-start their nuclear programme
8)            Increasing government surveillance of my internet
9)            Making torture a part of our military 

Trump’s US Presidential Election Win Sees Hundreds Of  Protesters Gather American democracy believes in the peaceful transition of power and coming behind whoever wins as OUR president. People who protest this are anti-American and anti-democracy. 
(I say that as someone who did not support Trump during the campaign nor vote to elect him.)

‘Millions To Lose Insurance,’ And Other Likely Headlines From The Trump PresidencyCongratulations Huffpo. By giving Trump 4 times the coverage of any opponent, you played a big role in helping to get him elected.

[Some] Reading Students Boycott University Challenge After Accusing Jeremy Paxman
"Misogyny and sexism are not about ‘offending’ contestants, but undermining and oppressing individuals due to their gender."
    That could be so, but this article contains NO evidence that Paxman committed either mysogyny or sexism. False accusations are not about offending the accused, they are deliberate oppression designed to ruin the target's good name and character.
"...the university has come under fire for failing to support student’s views."...
         The University said it would "support any students who feel they have been victims of prejudice and investigate any complaints, but none have been reported to us.”    Basically, the students are saying that the university should support their oppression of Paxman with no evidence, indeed without even a complaint.

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