Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Male Trump Supporter Punched A Woman Eating Dinner In The Face
Where did he punch her and why was she eating dinner in the face?

Trump Wants To Deport Millions Of Criminal Migrants Who Probably Don’t Exist 
Well that is something both sides can agree on then: deporting people who do not exist. The right feels better and the left are not hurt.

“Bollocks” To Claim Freedom Of Movement For EU Citizens Is Founding Principle Of EU
It was just precedent, or: "a series of decisions by the courts," and we all know that precedent is just bollocks and has never been an integral part of EU or UK law. Innit?

Zainab Salbi Asks Muslim Women What It’s Like To Wear A Hijab In The US 
The hijab says: "I am different, I wish to distinguish myself from you."  Nothing wrong with that, but do not be surprised if people treat you differently than they treat people who dress as they do.   Question: as a Muslim, do you see people who wear a hijab as different from those who do not?

Anger As Health Minister Refuses To Rule Out Future NHS Charges
How much more in extra taxes to sustain the NHS are those who are "angry" willing to pay?

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