Thursday, 24 November 2016

Autumn Statement 2016 Analysis Shows ‘Dreadful Decade’ For British Living Standards
This austerity is outrageous! To boost our current lifestyle, we should be borrowing much more money that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back. After all, they can't stop us; they are too young to vote.

Obamacare Benefits Plenty Of People In States Donald Trump Won
So what? They have already voted and hence are no longer needed.
Republican congress wants to repeal it is because it kicked them off the very generous federal benefits scheme in 2014 and forced them to buy their own health insurance on the exchanges. They want to get back to the trough.

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines President, Calls Channel 4 News Reporter ‘A Son Of A Whore'
Takes one to know one.

We’ll Not Stop Campaigning Until Everyone Is Respectful Of LGBT Football Players And Fans
Then you will be campaigning forever. I will never have respect for a footballer who wishes to shove his (or her) sexuality in my face, It has nothing to do with football and his (or her) insistence on telling me about it is just selfish narcissism. Grow up and play football and stop whining about who you like to poke.

Britain First Should Be Listed As A ‘Terrorist Organisation’ MP Urges
Good idea. All political parties should be listed as terrorist organizations.

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