Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Benefits Sanctions Cost More Than They Save, National Audit Office Report Finds
That seems pretty clear: it would be cheaper to just allow welfare cheats to cheat the tax payer.
PS: Police chasing thefts probably costs more than is recovered.

Under Pressure From Trump, Company Says It Will Keep Workers In U.S.
He is not even President yet and already he is big-federal-government in Washington interfering in the business decisions of private companies. What other help will this pseudo-conservative offer to trade unions?
Democrats Ask Oversight Committee To Investigate Trump’s Potential Conflicts Of Interest
There is no conflict of interest. He became president to increase his own wealth and that of his fellow 1%ers. You only see a conflict of interest because you think he should be governing for the 99%.

North Dakota Governor Orders Pipeline Protesters To Evacuate

He blames “severe winter weather” 

It's okay, Gov, they have plenty of fossil-fuel vehicles and fossil-fuel space heaters to keep them warm.

New £5 Note Contains Traces Of Animal Fat (Tallow)
Aw. Poor little snowflakes. 
When they find out how many other products they use daily also contain tallow (e.g.anything plastic), they are going to really be upset.

European Council President Donald Tusk Denies Brussels Delaying Brexit Talks
More have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too Brexiteers saying that the EU is naughty not to start negotiating before Britain starts negotiating. Good for Tusk for saying "Come on guys, put up or shut up."

Pensions Triple-Lock Could Be Dropped Confirms Philip Hammond
What! Outrageous! We should be borrowing more money to maintain the current lifestyle of pensioners. Our grand children will have to pay it back, but they cant stop us because they are too young to vote.

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