Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bookies Are Calling It For Hillary Clinton
Bookies also called it for "Remain."

Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children Should Be Banned On Apps And At Cinemas
Let's just ban all advertising of anything everywhere. 
It would be so much simpler.

Gabrielle Union: ‘I Deserve To Get Paid The Same As Men’ 
If she attracts the same audience as men, she certainly should. 
But it is about results achieved and NOT about putting in the same hours. 
A ditch-digger or a dish-washer may put in the same hours as a surgeon or a test pilot, but they do not deserve to be paid the same.

Tough New Benefits Cap Will Stay Even If Inflation Rises
Outrageous! People on benefits should be able to get more money in subsidy than is earned by the average employed person whose taxes pay for those benefits. Innit?

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