Sunday, 13 November 2016

Andrew Marr Defends Interview With Far-Right French Leader Marine Le Pen
What? How dare he interview someone we don't like? 
We do NOT want to hear what this person, possibly the next leader of France, thinks. 
He should particularly not interview people involved with our future on a day when we are focused on the past. 
The audience might end up thinking "what was it all for?"    Can't have that, can we?

Anti-Donald Trump Protests Gain Strength Days After Election
So it should gain!   We don't want no democracy in America! 
We are only for democracy if OUR side wins. 
If the other side wins an election, we are for revolution and dictatorship.
Down with the will of the people!

Jeremy Corbyn Says Nato Should ‘Demilitarise’ Its Border With Putin’s Russia
Well of course we should. And Russia should demilitarise its border with Ukraine, 
Pakistan should demilitarise its border with India, 
North Korea should demilitarise its border with the South and
Syria should demilitarise its border with Daesh.
       Don't like our chances though.

History Teacher Removed From Classroom For Comparing Trump To Hitler
Of course he should be removed. 
How dare he have an opinion - especially an opinion that is supported by facts.    
Saying Trump is like Hitler is unacceptable.
Had he said Hilary was like Hitler, that would have been OK.

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