Friday, 3 April 2015

General Election 2015: Grace Dent's guide to your ballot box options on 7 May
Ah the attraction of sour indifference and the joy of demeaning everyone and everything. Isn't it wonderful to have pundits like Dent to make life seem as miserable as we can possibly make it?

Nigerian gay rights activist has her High Court asylum bid rejectedThe Monty Python school of politics: if your country is messed up, there is only one answer: "Run Away!"
As Blanche would say: I've always put my trust in the kindness of strangers.

Can Iran nuclear framework agreement win over skeptics in Washington and Tehran?Interesting that the coverage presented thhis as a US iran agreement, never even mentioning China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom or Germany.

State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel's 'right to exist'
Hey, Bibbi! Get this through your head: this deal is not about you.
You want a deal that gaurantees your right to exist?
Gather 6 countries and sit down with Iran to negotiate.
What will you offer in return?

Moscow Accuses Washington Of 'Frenzied' Campaign Of 'Russophobic Lampoons'They are mistaken: we only want frenzied lampoons of Putin. 
We quite like Russians, it is he we despise.

There May Be More Muslims Than Christians In The World By 2070, Pew Study SuggestsI am not at all worried about the number of Muslims, I am only worried about the kind of muslims they are. 
     Are they the kind that just want to work, raise their kids and be happy like most everyone else, or are they the kind that want to rape, murder, slave trade or beat a woman to deaath on the false accusation of an imam? This is a problem that can only be solved by Muslims refusing to tolerate anyone perverting their religion in this way.

Greece considering nationalising its banks and issuing new currency, sources claimI think I understood what he meant:  If it comes down to aksing Greeks to pay their taxes and live within their means versus stealing money from people who loaned it to us in good faith, it is a no brainer.

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