Monday, 20 April 2015

The Koch Brothers Are Reportedly Ready To Back Scott WalkerIn modern American democracy, what the Koch Brothers think is FAR more important than what you think. They not only want to control who reperesents THEM, they want to control who represents YOU. And they swill spend billions to make sure I don not catch the missinlg lt.
          Just know that most media ads will be paid for by those who say they want to reduce spending but know that they reduced spending that might hekp someone from the other side. (I will buy her a drink.)

David Cameron 'Would Not Share Sofa' With SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon Well at least he has taste, if naught else.

Spain Teacher Killed 'With A Crossbow' By 13-Year-Old PupilInteresting but I don't understand the "punctuation"
Why isn't it "Spain" Teacher Killed with a crossbow?
or Spain "Teacher" Killed with a crossbow
or Spain Teacher "Killed" with a crossbow?

Russell Brand Says Katie Hopkins Migrants Column Is Like HitlerWhy is this the Number 2 news story on Huffpo? 
How much is Brand paying Huffpo to have his every whim and whine cataloged as if it were news?

Katie Hopkins Just Raised More Than £13,000 For Those 'Cockroach Migrants'Well great. 13k might pay for two hours of a rescue boat at sea.

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