Monday, 6 April 2015

Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Story Was A 'Journalistic Failure'
A VERY charitable way of describing the ranking of sensationalism (to sell more advertising) above the truth.  
Rolling Stone, National Enquirer...the difference is?
Inconsistencies in Jackie's story do not mean that she wasn't raped at UVA
Unchecked inconsistencies in Jessica Valenti's stoy does not mean she was deliberately lying, but it might be an indication in that direction.

Teenage basketball player chased out of US school by boys yelling 'f****t'
Odd to put "sodomy" - a technical term - in quotes/  Does this mean that the Indie thinks it should be called something else?  If so, what?

Greece plan to release 3,500 illegal immigrants from asylum centres
Time too close the borders.  Not only do they wish to steal the money we loaned them in good faith, they now wish to dump their asylum problems on us.

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS
These are the supposedly civilized followers of a peaceful religion? Throwing rock and Molotovs at their neighbours over whether they sould be allowed to worship?  What, then, would one call moharebeh enemies of Allah?

2016 GOP hopefuls define themselves as they weigh in on ISIS, economy, array of key issues
This is what they call "Key Issues:?  Shows how out of touch with the American people they are!  Real Americans do not care about ISIS, repealing RomneyCare or silly laws designed so American Indians can use peyote in their ceremonies.

Netanyahu urges US to seek 'better deal' with Iran over its nuclear program
He does not say what he is asking China, Rissia, the UK, France and Germany to do 
The only reason I can think of that Bibbi does not speak to these other countries about their part in the deal is that he doesn't think the money they give him is at risk,,but he is worried whether he will get his full $3 billion fom the US this year

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