Sunday, 17 January 2016

Their culture makes women dress in bags because they think that if a man can see a woman's hair it means that she is a slut who is gaggiing for it.

They ignored the local laws and customs of immigration, why does anyone think they will pay any attention to local laws or customs of sexual conduct.

These migrants will aid ISIS in two ways: their barbarism will make westerners more ready to associate Islam with evil while the migrants will become radicalized as their behaviour, which they will say is a normal reaction to western decadence, is punished in accordance with laws that they do not respect.

Chris Rock Calls Out The Oscars Lack Of Diversity
What sort of diversity is there in the NBA, Chris? Or the BET for that matter.

Kansas To Shun Refugees From Every Country In The World
There is no way Kansas "can be assured there is no risk to the safety and security of our citizens" from ANY refugee. So this should stop assistance to all refugees.
Mean-sprited, perhaps, but at least not bigoted. Stil, it is sad to see American values crumble in Kansas through yellow-bellied panic.

600 Britons Caught Trying To Join Islamic State Fighters In Syria
The opportunity to rape and murder with impunity is irresistable to many young men. The only thing that has kept the numbers so low (below 200 per year) is that Daesh insists the vounteers must be Muslim.

It is rare that the media highlight their own abject failure as reporters, but they clearly missed the boat here. Just sloppy journalism, probably because they thought Nosratollah was just an ordinary joe and hence not worth writing about, but I am certain they will try to say this was someone elsse's fault. They will pretend that their failure was part of a "cover up"
Of course, now that they think this guy might be our agent, I am sure they will try their best to expose him and tear him to peices.

Cover-up (n): Not handing the media a complete story tied up in a pink ribbon

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