Thursday, 21 January 2016

Affirmative Action Is Great For White Women. So Why Do They Hate It?
Perhaps they just don't like sexism and racism on principle?

Will Smith To Boycott Oscars 2016 Amid Diversity Row
Should folks boycott the NBA for the same reason.

'Whiteness History Month' Stirs Up Controversy At Oregon College
Sounds pretty racist to me - other than that, it seems okay as a learning exercise. Will there also be a colouredness month that asks "Who benefits from the consequences of colouredness? Who loses from colouredness? How?" or "In what ways does colouredness emerge from a legacy of slavery, dependency and indolence?"

Lucy Allan MP Pulls Out Of BBC Interview 'Because She Couldn't Veto Questions'

She did not want to be a foil that the BBC journalists could use to state their own opinions. Why not; doesn;t she realize what interviewees are for?

I do feel sorry for this girl - both for the dilemma she faces coming to grips with her brother turning into a murdering slave-trader and for having to face posturing politicians trying to garner votes off her back. 
      However, the government should offer a free flight to Syria for all who wish to join Daesh. When they get enough to fill a dreamliner, load them up and do a Sikorski on them.

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