Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Government Under Increasing Pressure To Admit Child Refugees From Europe To UK
If they are already in Europe, they are in countries that can take care of them. I support the government's move to help the children in the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, where they are much more at risk. 
    I would also like to see more done to stem the Turkish refugee problem. It is just not right that Syrians are being encouraged and assisted to flee Turkey for Greece by the most dangerous means.  Ditto the Lybyan refugee industry.

Ofsted Chief Tells Inspectors To Downgrade Schools That Allow Muslim Face Veils
Quite right. The face veil is insensitive to local cultural values and schools that promote them are Anglophobic.. Britain does not believe there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face, nor does it believe in sexist practice that says one gender may see me but another may not. In Britain, only health workers and robbers wear masks.

Fox News Slams Trump Campaign's 'Terrorizations' Against Megyn Kelly
I am so pleased that Fox stood up against Trump's dictatizations. His statementizations have gone beyond the pale. Journalists should not be threatenized.

Amherst College Ditches Its Symbol Of White Oppression
As Lord Amherst has been accused of racism and suborning war crimes, the College and the town should change their names, as should every town and college named after anyone who is so accused. All of the Jamestowns and Williamsburgs and Georgetowns and Charlestowns and Louisivilles will have to go. Ditto Washtington state and DC

The Zika Virus Could Force Women To Have Unsafe Abortions
No, it could not. It is a virus and it cannot force a human being to undertake any intentional act. 
It's existence could convince women to choose an unsafe abortion - and what a horrible choice that would be: do I risk my life or do I risk having a child who will be miserable all of it's short life

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