Sunday, 3 January 2016


But iss it a Well Regulated militia, Jim?

Police arrest man with weapons cache in car before NHL Winter Classic
What!  How dare the police interfere with this terrorist's 2nd Amendment rights?

Yet Another Health Care Repeal Vote To Open Congressional Year
I hope this bill will also defund Acorn. After 5 years of not existing, the organization is stiill percieved as a horrible threat in the heartland of the Tea Party, where folks know that the moon landing was staged and that English was good enough for Jesus.

First no shaving, then no booze: now meat and dairy face the chop
Although i prefer toj ust keep on eating naturally instead, thanks, I don't mind people proselytising for their current fads.   They have nothing better to do and it doesn't hurt me.
     On the other hand, if they start treating meat like, tobacco, marijuana, and transfats .....maybe I should worry.

Nicola Sturgeon Denies SNP Supporters Have Been 'Brainwashed'
Suggesting that they have abandonned critical thinking is generous: it presumes that they have ever tried it. The Selfish National Party finds loyalty easy: many, especially the young, are just as devoted to ME-I-MY-MINE as the SNP is.

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