Monday, 11 January 2016

Refugees living in fear of backlash as Justice Minister warns of anti-foreigner pogrom
I feel very sorry for them.  I am told that millions of peaceeful, law-abiding Germans, who had nothing to do with the holocaust, faced a backlash after WWII

Donald Trump says NFL has 'gone soft' just like America
Donald Duck is right, we have gone soft.
These gladiators are well paid to get crippled or die for our pleasure, why are they whining about it?
If they can't stand the horror, they should get out of the butcher shop.

ICE Lied To Get Inside Immigrants' Homes During Raids, Lawyers Say
Good for ICE. They are trying to catch people who have lied every day since they came to our country and decided that our laws are not to be obeyed if they are inconvenient.

Donald Trump Endures Most Painful Insult Yet On The Campaign Trail ("You're Boring")
Ooooooh! So Donald Duck has a thin skin. Still, it is nice to know that his idea of the first amendment is: you only have the right to free speech if you agree with him.

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