Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Why Obama's Tiny Changes To Gun Policy Are Actually Really Important
I have yet to see the full text of the executive order, but reporting so far is that the resolution attempts to enforce law that is already on the books and has been since at least 1968.

If congress does not wish gun dealers to be licenced, they can pass a law to that effect, repealing US Code/18/I/44/921(a)(11)(A)

Obama iscorrect: this directive will not stop criminals and crazies from owning guns, but it will make things more difficult for them - if and only if congress does not block funds for the FBI to hire background check agents. Currently, a 85% of Americans and 74% of NRA members want background checks. If they become a significant and annoying bottleneck, that opinion could change.

This issue should be a no brainer: treat guns like cars: licence them, require insurance and require a gun-safety test. If the last is seen contentious government interference, let the test be set and administered by the NRA. They should have the best expertise anyway

Leader Of Oregon Militants Is No Match For Megyn Kelly
No one would expect him to be, Actually, I thought Megan was weak here. She just powe-trippped on him, rather than engage in conversation.

This guy (who admittedly wants to appropriate public lands for private commerical use), was trying to point out the the Federal Government was judge, jury and executioner in the case where two farmers went to jail for burning of dangerous dry brush near his property, then had the that same federal government appeal to increase their sentences.

Meagan Kelly's bullying did not help the audience understand his point.

Gunmen Seize Federal Building In Oregon

Gunmen? That's a pretty biased word to use for some upset citizens. Sounds like Huffpo has an agenda here.

Robert Lerner ·
upset citizens with guns, what would you call them.?
Like · Reply · Jan 4, 2016 1:23am

Robert Lerner I'd call them Upset Citizens. I don't call police or FBI agents or soldiers "gunmen" - not to mention the women who are also occupying the building. It's like calling the students who occupy a college building, some of whom have pocket knives, "knifemen."

A realise that the media are trying make an armed conflict out of this silly but so-far peaceful protest by self-serving ranchers who want to expropriate land for themselves. Fortunately, both the local police and the FBI seem to be following the sensible policy of wating until they get bored and go home, ignoring the many news organizations trying to pour gasoline on a fire to provoke a tragedy.that will sell more soapflakes and prescription medicines.

Wheaton College To Fire Professor Saying Muslims And Christians 'Worship The Same God'
Of course they should: unless agrees with them and admits that there are multiple gods and that each god is different.  Can't have people teaching college who do not agree with the college administration.

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