Friday, 1 January 2016

The Guardian view on killings by US police: why we must keep counting

Thank you for the statistics showing that half of those killed by US police are white, while less than 1/3rd are black.  

You point out that this means blacks are killed by police at 4 times the rate of whites (7.91 vs 2.13 per million).  As blacks commit both gun crimes and homicides at around 6 times the rate of whites (11 vs 65 per million for single shooter/single victim homicides, 18/million vs 133/million for all US homicides), the imbalances make some sense.   

Total killed by US police in 2015  = 1134    (Guardian)
                     Of which Black        =   300       26%       7.19
                                   White        =   577       51%       2.34

                   (FBI)                            single gun                         all
Total US homicides in 2013              =  5723                        14,581
     Of which Black offenders             =  2698        65/m         5,531           133/m
     Of which White offenders             =  2755        11/m        4,582               18/m

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