Saturday, 8 July 2017

Old Lange's Rant of the Day
Muslim activist's reference to 'jihad' draws conservative wrath
This is difficult.  Like "organic" or "racist" the word "jihad" has changed meaning, at least in English.   It no longer carries associations of struggling with oneself against temptation or sin, nor struggling to protect the faith.   
      It now means "extremist violence" or "religious war" and no amount of logic, argument, discussion or "education" will put that genie back in the bottle.  Yes, this is wrong and it misunderstands the true meaning of the word, but that is the way things are.
      Just as "organic" is no longer the opposite of "inorganic" but now means something grown with only a few agreed chemical inputs.  Just as race is not longer a part of "racism" and something anti-Irish or anti-Muslim can be called "racist."    Just as "genetically modified" no longer includes hybridizing, but has become restricted to intra-cellular manipulation.  So "jihad" has come to mean brutal violence perpetrated by those who falsely claim to commit their atrocities the name of Allah
   No sensible person in America today would use "jihad" to describe anything other than religious war....unless they desire to inflame and create opposition.  Of course, it is also possible that the speaker might be woefully or deliberately ignorant of current American usage     
    Thus, we must conclude that Ms Sarsour is either an incendiary, not a sensible person or pig-ignorant.

Sheriff In Heart Of Ohio’s Opioid Epidemic Doesn't Carry Overdose Reversal Drug
That is outrageous. When people overdose and die from illegally obtained drugs, it is clearly the fault of the police. Our police have an absolute obligation to keep us alive, no matter what we try to do to ourselves.   Indeed, leaving the police out of it, it is a moral obligation for EVERYONE to carry Naxalone on their person at all times. If anyone overdoes and dies, it is the fault of anyone who is in the vicinity.
Note: the article says Sheriff "refuses" to carry. Refuses who? Did someone tell him to carry these drugs with him. Could we please have a list of drugs that police should carry with them? (I assume every officer must have Alteplase, Diazepam, Dopamine, Epinepherine, Inspra, Insulin, Naxalone, Nikenamide, Nitroglycerine and Simbiacort turbo inhalers, but are there others?)
For comparison, could someone please provide a list of a list of drugs that paramedics should carry with them?

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