Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rules about Victimhood                            Old Lange's rant of the day
Rules about where victimhood applies are tricky, often vague and always change depending upon who is expressing them.   Ask any person of any definable minority about their various reasons for claiming victimhood, but be careful:
    Hispanic Americans are entitled to victimhood, but Germanic Americans are not.
            (This one is particularly tricky, as Hispanic Americans from Spain are excluded.)
    Irish & Polish Americans are on the cusp: sometimes entitled, sometimes not. 
    Italian Americans are only entitled to victimhood if the word “mafia”  is intimated. 
    English Americans are never entitled to claim victim status.
    Gays are entitled to victimhood, but not if they are paedophilic gays.  
    Rubber fetishists are not.

As the man said: it's complicated

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