Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Trump Administration to Bar Transgender Individuals From Serving in U.S. Military
Transgenders are twice as likely as the general population to have mental health and substance abuse issue. We'd like our military to have FEWER of these problems than the general population. I recommend very, very thorough mental screening of trans applicants; being exceedingly careful whose fingers one puts on triggers
PS: The president may have difficulty with constitutionality on this issue.

BBC Presenter Apologises After Tory Donor Calls Jeremy Corbyn A ‘Twat’ Live On Air
Well of course he should apologise for what someone else said about Corbyn - especially as it was the truth. One should never tell the truth about politicians on live radio.

Grenfell Inquiry Judge Told To Resign By Angry Residents
They have already decided what the outcome of this inquiry should be and they are not certain that a truly independent judge will rule the way they want, so of course they want him to resign

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