Thursday, 13 July 2017

'Catastrophic collapse' of  ice sheet could raise global sea levels by three metres, warns scientist
       No, actually, she doesn't.  She says if ALL of the ice in the Antarctica Peninsula melted, it might raise the sea level by 1/2 a meter.  She adds that the current minuscule slice (about the size of Wales) will have NO effect on sea level. She goes on to say melting that would bring a 3.3 meter rise would take up to 1000 years.
      However, such honest scientific conclusions are not sensational enough for the Indie, who prefers to publish fake news headlines in the hopes of selling more advertising.  Is it true?  Who cares?  It sells.   Does it mislead or readers?  Who cares?

Bromance blossoms as Corbyn meets EU’s chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels
Good for Jeremy. Rather than have a united British position, we can have party positions that vie with each other for attention and acceptance, ensuring that Britain gets a worse deal than we could united. But what is Britain and its future compared to getting a few more votes?

Group to confront boats rescuing refugees in Mediterranean ‘and take them back to Africa’
Good for them. It is about time someone stopped this people trafficking. Those trying to enter the EU illegally should be safely and humanely delivered back to their port of departure or the next feasible port. If they wish to enter the EU legally, they are welcome. Let them apply from their home country in accordance with EU law.

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