Monday, 3 July 2017

How science got women wrong

     It is hardly surprising that "A striking pattern emerges: almost all of the prominent scientists behind these studies are men, whereas much of the growing, more recent research that disputes them is done by women." It is what one has come to expect in science, whether from conscious or unconscious bias, when the researchers have an interest in the outcome.
      It is, however, surprising that the reviewer in this piece has a bizarre idea of evolution: "humans’ patriarchal order may have evolved by accident rather than out of evolutionary necessity." The patriarchal order evolved rather than evolved?

Britain looks set to miss key renewable target

Well of course we will miss the targets. They were purely for PR purposes , to make us feel holier than thou. No one had any intention of trying to actually meet them.

Italy threatens to block rescue ships
The rescue ships should take folks back to the port they embarked from. They may have a right to try to get to Europe, but Europe should have no obligation to subsidize their journey.
He later added: “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”
But if you are not the governor or one of his rellies, you can just eff off.

Trump Keeps Up Criticism of Media
It's an old con man's trick. If the marks believe something, tell them that it's true.
It makes them like you and think you are one of them.
To say Presdient Trump lies all the time is a useless argument in this arena, boiling down to "But mommy, he did it too!" It's true, he does lie a lot and many disrespect him because of it. The news media also lie to us a lot, so why is anyone surprised when we disrespect them as well?

Dollar Gets Squeezed From All Sides

Greenback is down 5.6% this year, against a basket of currencies

And also down by 10% against the Yuan.  Does this mean, as President Trump would say, that the US is manipulating its currency?

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