Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Death Toll Is At Least Six But Expected To Rise
Some from the contractor and the KCTMO may go to jail but I'll bet no RBK&C councillors do.Not unexpected to see Jeremy Corbyn try to turn this tragedy into a political issue

OPINION: Don't repeat the mistakes of Clinton and 1998 with Trump
Okay, Penn has a bizarre view of Comey’s power to shoo people out of the oval office, but that’s not really the issue. The issue is that Trump/Russia is a waste of time and a vote loser.
     Sadly, the Democrats do not learn from history. They are likely to continue to focus on these things, which the average Joe and Jane don’t give a stuff about, to the exclusion of things they DO care about: jobs, healthcare, inequality.
     Meanwhile, Trump must be loving it – it distracts from the deals he is doing to enrich himself on the back of the US presidency.

Has the president created lots of jobs?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the four months before President Trump’s election, the U.S. economy added about 840,000 jobs. In the four months since his inauguration, it’s added about 600,000.

Theresa May Is Ruthlessly Trolled By Jeremy Corbyn As Parliament Returns
She may have been "ruthlessly trolled" but there is no evidence in this article.that she was. 
The headline seems merely an attempt to be devisive, with very little substance behind it.
Part of Huffpo's normal campaign to make the world seem a little worse than it is.

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