Saturday, 24 June 2017

Google’s ‘Trust Us’ Approach Doesn’t Satisfy Pay Gap Skeptics
Tech firm’s resistance to release more salary data has ensnared it in debate over gender wage gap

Not surprising. They don't want to be raked over the media coals for paying their executives more than their analysts, their analysts more than their coders and their coders more than their secretaries.  They know that the employer in a "gender gap" story is ALWAYS  treated unfairly.
Don't believe me?  Name one gender pay gap story that found the employers were doing the right thing or that men were getting less than their due.  You may include female-run small businesses and part-time employees in this search.

Tower Block Cladding Tests See 27 Fail Fire Safety Checks, Government Confirm
According to the article, the councils affected (those who allowed such cladding) were 
  Birmingham - Labour                    Barnett - Split
  Brent - Labour                               Plymouth - Split
  Camden - Labour
  Doncaster - Labour                        Kensington - Conservative
  Hounslow - Labour                        Portsmouth - Conservative
  Islington - Labour                          Wandsworth - Conservative
  Lambeth - Labour
  Manchester - Labour
  Norwich - Labour
  Stockton on Tees - Labour
  Sunderland - Labour

So, I am wondering why Corbyn is blaming the Tories, when it was his lot that approved most of these fire-hazards.

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