Thursday, 15 June 2017

Theresa May Promises 'Proper Investigation' After Tower Blaze

Just like the 5 "Proper Invesitgations" after the last 5 Tower Block fires?
Will they do just as much good?
Grenfell Tower Fire Lays Bare The ‘Tale Of Two Kensingtons’
Gosh, you mean none of the folks who live in public housing are affluent? 
Whodda thunk it?
Corbyn Calls For ‘Luxury’ Properties To Be Taken Over To House ex-Grenfell Residents
Good idea! How many will be moving in with you, Jeremy? 
Or is it only someone else's house that you want to be generous with.
    Neither Labour nor Tories did anything about this problem despite being warned about it many times, so you are right about jail time, for both Labour and Tory councillors. Sadly, I'll believe that when I see it.

Germany, Austria Chide U.S. Senate’s Russia Sanctions Bill
You forget, Europe: It's America First. All you other losers last.
This is good for us and bad for you? Tough!
We want to Make America Grate Again and we don't give a toss about what happens to you.

Trump Signs Order Seeking to Expand Apprenticeship Programs
Great idea!  Let's get businesses, who benefit the most, to pay for it.

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