Sunday, 4 June 2017

General Elections Show British Politicians In The Worst Possible Light
Which is absolute gravy for Huffpo, who never misses a chance to Show British Politicians In The Worst Possible Light!

Trump Believes Climate Change Is Real, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Says
Of course he does. His application for a permit to build retaining walls at his Irish golf course cited climate change and its consequences as the reason he needed it.
Some problems with May's four solutions:
All the research shows that longer sentences will have zero effect. None.
Ending religious and single-gender schools - a good start to "ending segregated communities"
Cracking down on extremism is a good idea - how will you do this without censorship? 
Promoting "British Values" is a good idea - which values will you promote?

I’m glad a gay man of colour will be Irish prime minister, even if I abhor his politics
Frankly, I do not care who he likes to have sex with nor the color his skin - I'd prefer to judge him on what he does.  
Yes, I realize that my thinking is soooo 20th century.  I should be more concerned about which minority groups he comes from than whether he does anything at all.

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