Monday, 2 January 2017

Katie Hopkins  Claiming ‘Racism Has Lost All Meaning’
It is difficult:
Islamophobia is racist but Christianophobia and Anglophobia are not (even though none are races).
Anti-Polish, anti-Romanian, and anti-Scottish are racist but anti-English and anti-American are not. (even though all are nationalities and none are races).
Anti-traveller is racist, even though the anti-traveller is usually of the same race as the traveller.

Orkney Islands 'to explore leaving UK and Scotland' 
Hey, if Orkney can do  it, so can London

Israeli police question Netanyahu for alleged corruption
This is not baseless, Bibi has been on the take for many years.
You don't really think that the $3.8 billion from the USA was all spent on defense, do you?

Dems target eight Trump nominees in bid to delay process
They should delay the appointments for four years, until the next election: we should give the people a chance to chose.
Hey, if Orkney can do  it, so can London

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