Saturday, 7 January 2017

Trump and The Establishment

Mr Trump is not anti-establishment,  he is anti-anyone who is not pro-Trump.     He had no difficulty co-opting members of the establishment onto his cabinet…and he will have no difficulty firing them if they speak against him.

Our Presidency has entered a cult of personality.   What won the election was not policy or plans but one man’s slogans, flamboyance and flair.   The only thing that can touch him is failure to keep his promises and there are plenty of politicians and business people to teach him how to deal with that – as if he doesn’t already have enough experience with that.

Telling the people what they want to hear, even if you do not believe in it yourself, has always been a good electioneering tactic, but it usually was based on a party platform that had to have at least some truth and consistency behind it.     Now the “great leader” can tweet flip-flops daily without consequence, bringing the high low and the low high.   

The establishment did not make Trump and so they fear him: they certainly should.  Whether it be a CIA expert who disagrees with Mr Trump’s world view or a general who disagrees on the tactical situation in a given theatre, whether it is a CEO who thinks he knows how to run his own company better than Mr Trump does, or a judge who thinks he knows the law better --- all should live in fear.    

Mr Trump is not beholden to, nor has any need for,  political party or any other US institution except insofar as they support and advance his personal agenda.     Knowing  that he leads a cult of personality, he can tolerate NO dissent and no image may shine half  so bright as the dear leader’s.    We are about to learn first-hand, what third-world government is like.

Not only party politics, the entire concept of what politics is for will change. From Truman onward the modern era was defined by presidents who believed they were there to serve the American people.  Every president, whether Republican or Democrat.  

Now we have a president who does not think he is there to serve anyone: he thinks he is there to win. 

Some may say that is not a bad thing: we should do more winning,  Trump’s response is “whaddaya mean: we?”

Trump's national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized over 50 sections of her 2012 book
It was gross negligence on the part of Fox News, the Mises Institute, the BBC, Yahoo, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Politico, New York Times, Associated Press, Karl Rove, Stephen Moore, Ramesh Ponnuru, Michelle Malkin, Rich Lowry and more to allow their material to be copied.  
        Democrats are making a big thing about Crowley’s dishonesty because they are embarrassed at how badly they lost.
       If Trump appointed her, she must be good for us, regardless of how crooked she is.

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