Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Muslim girls must swim with boys in Switzerland, European court rules
About time someone stood up to rampant sexism hiding behind the false cover of religion. Sexism is sexism wherever it rears it's head. We would not even consider someone who said that their religion did not allow blacks and whites to swim together. We would rise in anger at those who said their religion prohibits them from dealing with homosexuals. This is no different.

Morocco bans burqa over security concerns
Good for them. In the west we do not believe that there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face. And when such elitism is restricted to only one gender, we call is what it is: rank sexism.

McGuinness has gone. Stability may go with him
When the strong man leaves, chaos often follows, viz Tito in Yugoslavia, Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya. We hope this will not be the case now that the Deputy First Murderer has left.

Here’s How To Understand The Bombshell New Report On Trump And Russia
If it does not confirm my world view it is fake news.
If it says what I want to hear, then I will beleive it regardless of how false it might be.

Jeremy Hunt Flees TV Reporter As She Demands Answers
Why would anyone flee a reporter. We all know that reporters only write stories about people trying to do good, they never try to twist things so that ALL politicians look incompetent, ignorant, stupid or venal. Who can remember a single report that made a politician look bad? 
Don't all reporters try to help make Britain a better place by informing people of the good that politicians, civil servants, citizens and the general public do for us every day?

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