Wednesday, 18 January 2017

MLB Player Mansplained Birth Control To Jessica Chastain
I do like the sexist pejorative "mansplain." It is so deliciously matronizing.

Polls Are Bad For Donald Trump Again. Here’s Why That Matters.
"...they aren’t trying to identify likely voters"
Which is why Donald will ignore these polls.
If they are not Trump voters, who cares what they think?

May Asked Facebook What It Thinks Of Brexit Plan Which Went Predictably Badly

Of course it went badly. Those who voted to leave dislike her for not doing it in precisely the way THEY would hvae done it, those who voted to remain dislike her for doing it at all. That puts 60% against her from the git-go, with only 2% - those whose desired Brexit plan matched hers - on her side. (The 38% who didn''t vote still don''t give a sh*t)

She does not say what harm it does, beyond rebuking Israel for going against US policy  (both republican and democrat) on settlements.
Oh, and Nikki, the US pays 22% of the UN funding because the US gdp is 22% of the world's gdp.  
Unless you want the US to be seen as a deadbeat shirker, better stump up.

What will Betsy DeVos’ focus on school choice mean for public education?
It will mean your and my tax dollars going to make profits for her private-school owning mates. More transfers of money from the less-well-off to the rich. Hidden behind "choice" that allows parents to choose for-profit schools that never deliver on any of their promises over public schools that rarely deliver on most of their promises.

  • Why should the taxpayer be expected to enrich the public school system's administrators and employees? The public schools, through taxes and bond issues have created their own growth industry. They are not motivated by the marketplace to compete or turn a profit. Why is the status quo superior?

    • It is superior because it gets better results than for-profit schools
      Public administrators and employees are payed NOT to funnel tax money meant for education into private pockets. In a public or non-profit private school, this would be called fraud; in a for-profit school it is called good business. PS: I have no problem with for-profit schools not funded by tax dollars - I am happy for parents to choose them, as long as I don't have to pay for their choice.
      I also have no problem with not-for-profit religious schools that face accountability, so if you want taxpayers funding for madrassahs, go ahead with vouchers.

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