Friday, 25 September 2015

Why Greece Shut The Shortest, Safest Route For Migrants And Refugees

I cannot understand why people want to protect their homeland's resources, infrastructure and culture.      Can't they see that these should all be given away to anyone who feels like their own homeland is not worth working to fix and has the gumption to leave it? 
     Countries should welcome any invasion as long the invaders don't carry guns.

Shadow Environment Secretary Says Treat Meat Eaters Like Smokers
Absolutely! People should be forced to eat meat outdoors and no meat should be sold in pubs and restaurants. Think of all those toxic carginogens that they exhale when eating meat indoors. 
    Of course, if she were actually serious about health, she would start with sugar, not meat. Instead, she has made a political decision that goes against human nature of an omnivore, probably only to confrim her status and self-belief as a vegan,. 
    Certainly there are good environmental reasons to cut down on meat consumption, but the health benefits are 100 time less than curtailing sugar.

Channel 4 Could Be Privatised Privatise. Is that Newspeak for "sell"?   If so, how much do they want for it? 
    Or for "take it out of the hands of bureaucrats"   
If so, ismply pass control to a not-for-profit company with no state ownership.

Jeremy Corbyn Says Piggate Scandal Risks Distracting From Real Issues
Good for him. About time someone got stuck in to the lazy fools who call themselves journalists but can only write a let's-you-and-him-fight story. 
     Not only do they distract attention from important matters, they deliberately make our society a nastier place to live.

And no laws, nor any amount of men waffling on, will change that.    Only women can change it.
It will stop when women stop allowing it to happen.

It's not my job to absolve white friends of racism, but it can seem that way 18 Sep 2015
As one black friend told me years ago regarding accusations of racism: "when you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit." (I think he got it from a Dick Gregory riff.)

While I see the point of "Racist intent isn’t a requirement for racism." But what it says is: "you better walk on tiippy-toes around me because, if I am offendied by something you do or say, I will call you a racists regardless of what you meant.

On that basis, Mr Carson, you are a racist. I quote "White people seem to have..."

On the other hand, I like your point: "Our society claims that there is a need to address racism while disavowing that almost anyone is a racist." Once both blacks and white admit that most blacks and whites are racists, the conversation on what we can do about that can begin.View discussion

Okay, over 50% of the cabinet are women, but they are not in the jobs that I want them to be in, so that must mean that the party and its leader are sexist.

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