Friday, 11 September 2015

I've been called a 'Feminazi' for calling out a sexist man on Linkedin
"Solicitors have already informed me that they will no longer instruct me in legal cases"
    Actually, Ms Proudman is the sexist in this case, unloading her misandry on a man who, in response to her requested that he connect with her on linked-in, praised her picture - not her looks, just her picture.
   Her mind also seems slightly in the gutter, as she brings eroticism into the conversation, seemingly out of nowhere.
   Finally, she is seems age-ist, implying that it is inappropriate for older people to comment on the pictures of younger people.
   Given her demonstrated poor judgement and obvious biases, I am not surprised that solicitors will no longer instruct her.

Game-Changing Ethnic Studies Bill Heads To California Governor
Presumably, ethnic studies will include white studies, or is this minority (only 25% of the student body) one that will be ignored?

Richard Dawkins Slams Saudi Arabia's Offer To Build 200 Mosques In Germany
Far better they spend this money resettling refugees in Saudi Arabia.  If they wish to help Europe, they could take them from Kos, Lesbos and Italian seaports.

Hungarian Army Could Be Sent In To Stop People Crossing Border With Serbia
Good for them. Hungary is tired of people who feel that they are too good for Turkey, too good for Greece, too good for Bulgaria, too good for Serbia and too good for Hungary.

Would You Put Your Child to Sea in a Dinghy?
No, I would not. Once I escaped the war zone I would concentrate on protecting my children, not on putting them to even further risk.

Increasing U.S. Refugee Cap By 5,000 Is 'Far Too Low
The US takes in 1.7 million immigrants each year, 1 million of them legally. 
That is more per head than Germany, who take in 400,000 or the the UK who take some 250,000.
There are over 12 million refugees now living in the USA.

The parallels between the UK and the US are uncanny!
One one side we have Bernie Saunders and Jeremy Corbyn - so left that the general population would not elected them to the post of dogcatcher.

On the other we have Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, so silly and embarrassing that the general population not only would not elect them, they curl up in shame at the meree mention of their names.

How did two countries find such similar buffoons to head up the coverage of elections?
Is it something in the water, or have journo's just gotten tired of playing the game and so are trying to promote leaders that are an endless supply of no-effort stories?

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