Monday, 23 March 2015

Woman killed by mob in Kabul was innocent, says investigator Gen.Mohammad Zahir
Family of Afghan woman lynched by mob take comfort from tide of outrage
This story is difficult to understand. These are not Taliban. Al-Qaeda, the anti-Islamic State or the Haram people of Nigeria or any other moharebeh enemies of Allah. These are everyday citizens. Practitioners of the supposedly peaceful religion of Islam.
Please, someone, explain how a non-Muslim should understand this incident.

Britain First Threaten Nigel Farage Pub Ambushers With 'Taste Of Their Own Medicine'
No! That is not fair. Only people with certified victim cards are allowed to use these tactics. '
If the same tactics are used aginst them, it is called discrimination.

Barbados plans to remove the Queen as head of state almost 400 years after British colonisationHey, Ya doan' visit, ya doan' write, ya doan' call. Nutting' gon lass fohevah.

DUP names its price for electoral deal with Tories or Labour: £1bn for Northern Ireland
But is he an honest crook: once bought, will he stay bought?

The future of GM: The greenhouses where Monsanto 'plays God' with the future of the planetThe GM benefit deniers will be all over this story like a climate change denier going for a report of a colder winter.    Science: what science? Who cares about science? This is politics, baby.

Seattle restaurant industry warns of fallout as $15 minimum wage nears
On the plus side: no more tipping. If the server is earning a living wage, tips are not required.

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