Friday, 27 February 2015

Outspoken Putin critic who had expressed fears for his life is shot deadHey, why should individuals who oppose him do any better than countries who oppose him?

British Airways spying scandal: How the world's most famous airline spied on its own staffGreat story. Well done! 
Will you now expose the union's spying on the company too?

'Extremist Students Consistently Given A Platform At Westminster',But where are our police when these speakers deliver themselves of racist hate speech?

Cliff Richard  Lawyers Slam MPs For Publishing 'Unnecessary' Police Investigation DetailsHis lawyers clearly do not understand modern politics: these politiians can get their 15 minutes of fame by attacking a celebrity. If the accusations and inuendo turn out to be baseless, the story will just die away, but they will still have obtained their press ccoverage.
Sir Cliff Richard's legal team complain of  'extremely damaging' media coverage

Mohammed Emwazi First Adult Picture Reveals Jihadi John As A StudentAnglophobia among some segments of British Muslims is one of the key factors in radicalisation.

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