Saturday, 28 February 2015

A parent’s dilemma: Is soccer really safe for kids?

It is clear that running (and the associated risk of falling down hard) is a far, far more common and hence greater danger than heading. The only sensible solution is to stop running in youth soccer. Youth soccer at a walking pace would not diminish the game in any way - and at a walking pace, heading would be both less common and less dangerous.
The other possibility is to use Tom-Brady type balls.

Homeland Security shutdown averted as House backs one-week funding deal
Okay, not funding the DHS will hurt the people who regularly put their lives on the line for us and might hurt America as a whole - but who cares? We're talking about me getting re-elected here!

The end is nigh - that's why so many from Britain are heading for Syria"Why would a young man with a degree from Westminster University give up everything to join a terrorist organisation that tortures and kills indiscriminately?"
     The point is, the killing is NOT indiscriminatee, it is quite discriminate.  It deliberately kills people of different religions.
    As to why, the opportunity to kill with impunity in the name of a cause is what fills the rolls of our military and street gangs.  The only real difference is that the Anti-Islamic State In Syria advertise the killing part more openly.

British are sexually uptight, dirty and drink too much – according to Spanish bookUh oh! Sounds like this guy has Brits pretty well spot on.

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