Friday, 27 February 2015

Emma Thompson And Greg Wise Refuse To Pay Tax Over HSBC ScandalGreat way to save money for yourself. - find a cause and say you won;t pay taxes because of it.  The subsequent letter war and court cases also gives you something to do.
    PS: You say “I have actively loved paying tax because I am a profound fucking socialist .."
What does how profoundly you fuck have to do with taxes or socialism?

A Step Forward on Sex and Relationship Education Is Long Overdue"the latest guidance on sex and relationships education (SRE) was produced 14 years ago"
    Well how horrible! Central guidance should be revised at least every four years. How else can we ensure that education is truly disrupted and disjointed? Certainly we cannot trust schools and teachers too do anything right or good unless we have a bill that forces them to do things my way.

CAGE representative storms off Sky News accusing Kay Burley of IslamophobiaThe Anglophobia of CAGE spokesman Bullivant is certainly equal to the Islamophobia of his intellectually-challenged SKY interviewer. Anglophobia in some Muslim circles is a key source of "radicalisation"

Netanyahu visit to US Congress puts strain on Israeli relationSorry? Why would an American politician NOT want to see Bibi bitch-slap America on its own soil? Isn't that why he was invited?

London's galloping high-rise developments face a backlash from protest movementBuilding streets (houses & mid-rise flats) is mucchbetter than high-rise blocks because fewer units per square foot causes scarcity - which means higher prices. Let's keep London for the elite!

'Scotland's happiest lollipop man' banned from high-fiving children at crossingsWe do not want people helping our kids cross the roads, we want robots. In fact, we plan to replace all crossing guards with robots as soon as possible.      This will make it easier to require "that when crossing children over a road they need to remain static with one hand on their stick and the other stretched outwards."

ISIS Release Video Showing Militants Destroying Ancient Iraqi RelicsThugs and vandals, muderers and rapists, slave -traders and religious bigots: aren't ASIS a great group of people?
    AISIS: the Anti-Islamic State in Syria = a grouping of mohareb enemies of Allah

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