Sunday, 9 November 2014

Assisted dying will be made legal in UK ‘within two years’
About time! We need to put an end to the stituation where the only choice for those in pain is: 
     1) be tortured to death or 
     2) be drugged to eyeballs so they are no longer themselves, then wait for the body to shut down.
"Palliative care" is a boon to many, but for others being kept so high that one is not compos mentis seems worse than dying

Two things went wrong: 
   1) poor leadership in the white house, the congress and the senate
   2) an inability to get anything done.
Whining about 2) being someone else's fault didn't help

UK rights groups reject official inquiry into post-September 11 rendition 
Indeed, ANY inquiry that does not find what I have already decided is the case will be a whitewash.
     This is why the victims in the 40-year-old sex abuse inquiry have asked to be allowed to pack the panel with people who already agree with their conclusions.

US Airstrikes Hit Convoy Of IS Leaders, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi May Have Been InjuredCouldn't happen to a nicer guy.   
However, when ISIS starts bombing American cities, don't ask: what did we ever do to you?

National Trust 'abuses goodwill of employees,' claim unionsHow much is Prospect willing to contribute to the trust employees' wages?

Rainbow List 2014: Introducing our annual celebration of the lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender people who make a real difference
Dear Editor:  Thank tyou for publishing the self-referential Rainbow list.  
When will the list of 101 Heterosexuals who make a real difference be published?

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