Saturday, 8 November 2014

Reince Priebus Softens Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Well of course he does. The overwhelming majority of the American people want immigration reform. 
The overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters do not. 
Guess who this congress will serve.

This Is What Tolerance Looks Like
Women who "choose" to cover their face offend local cultural values; as rude as entering a mosque wearing a bikini.
         America does not believe there are people so high and mighty that none dare look upon their face. 
         Americans consider it sexist to say "one gender may look upon my face, but another gender may not." 
Wearing a burkha shows either a deliberate desire to offend the local culture or pig ignorance.

Farage ‘Snubbed' For Remembrance Sunday
Oh poor baby. Were hisums wittle feelings hurt? 
It is sad when other people do not share one's inflated view of one's own importance.

CPS Pursued 'Vulnerable' Daughter Over False Rape ClaimWell, if she was "vulnerable" then what is the life or reputation of an innocent person compared to that - or a hundred inncoent people? If she is vulnerable,sShe should be allowed to destroy anyone she fancies destroying, innit?

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