Thursday, 6 November 2014

Vatican Slams Terminally Ill Decision To End Her Own Life As 'Reprehensible'Carasco de Paula, although reprehensible, is understandable. He reasons that if his god choses to torture a person that person is obliged to put up with it because it is what god wants to happen. Wouldn't want to offend a sadistic god.

Feminist T-Shirt Sweatshop Report Fiercely Denied By Fawcett SocietyThe Fawcett Society evades like a politician: the government-mandated minimum wage in Mauritius is 62p an hour, just as the rag reported. The resulting weekly pay of £27.90 is actually less than 1/4th of the average wage in the country, but if the sweatshoppers work for more than the required 45 hours (say 60 hours or more), they may get their wages up to 1/4th (or £37.50 a week).       In the age of the internet, when these figures are readily avaiable on local government websites, it amazes me that spinners still give out this kind of waffle.
             I still cannot understand why Cameron refuses to have his dress dictated by a for-profit magazine that has co-oped a feminist campaign so it can sell more advertising.      On the other hand, his refusal has given them so much publicity that they must be over the moon.

Million Mask March Expected To Put London In Lockdown We are against covert surveillance and for more transparency, which is why we wear masks.  That is, we are for covert surveillance and against transparency for us, it is just for other people.

Do Migrants Really Cost Britain £120 Billion?"Immigrants from outside of the European Union, who already live or moved to Britain over 1995 to 2011, did pay in £118 billion less in taxes than they took out in benefits,"
        That is, immigrants from outside the EU are a drain and a burden - tell me again: why do we let unskilled non-EU folk in? Send us your best and brightest, you can keep your lazy and indigent.

"but this is massively dwarfed by the £591 billion net cost for the UK-born population."
No wonder the country is in debt, if the government pays out more in benefits than it takes in. (Something wrong with this statistic?)

PS: "they guys pay more than what they take out."
Hope this academic's math is better than his English - or should I say "better than what his English is."

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