Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Life-saving Cancer Drug Fund medicines could be too costly to prescribeIf a drug is certain to prolong life by 5 years, should sufferers have it if it costs £5 billion per person?
How about £5 million per person?
Okay, we have established what we are, we are now just haggling about the price. 
Later, we will ask who will put up the money.

Rochester byelection: a civil war on the right fuelled by immigration and elitism
Oh dear "a civil war!"    How many dead so far?

Conservatives Threaten Budget Showdown Over ImmigrationQuite right, Mr Sessions. If it looks like the government might actually get something done, cancel the funds immediately. Your campaign contibutions depend on the government not doing anything - the less you get done, the more money you get.    Okay, sthutting down the government wll hurt all Americans, including your own constituents, but what is that compared to a full war-chest?

Russell Brand And Jeremy Clarkson Are 'Negative Influences On Politics', Say VotersBrand is a nasty little self-publicising multi-millionaire who thinks his opinions should matter more than anyone else's. Of course he is a negaative influence on politics and on the lives of any people he comes in contact with.
       Clarkson is a caricature clown with barely a poltical bone in his body. He is silly, irreverant and fun, in a juvenile nudge-wink sort of way. Mostly harmless; people laugh more at him than with him - but at least they laugh

Obama To Announce Immigration Action Next WeekSending a clear message: it is okay to break the law if you find that law inconvenient. 
After all, freedom means freedom from obeying laws.
Remember: Your convenience is more important than the country you wish to be part of.

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