Saturday, 22 November 2014

Britain's Prince Charles To Make 'Heartfelt Interventions' As King
An anti-royalist beat-up composed of unatributed hearsay and some real quotes from an anti-moarchy group. In short, this is not a news story; it is a Charlotte Alfred Op-Ed piece pretending to be news. 
  I do not have a problem with a news outlet printing the opinions of journalists, but I think they should be honest and label them as such.

Vince Cable 'Trying To Hide George Osborne's Abject Failure' On Exports
Nice Op-Ed piece, Mr Bennett.  Why do you try to pretend it is a news story?

Occupy Protesters Converge On Central London To Set Up Camp Outside Westminster"Pro-democracy protesters"?
Not exactly what I would call objective reporting. 
Who are the anti-democracy folks?

House Intelligence Committee's Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories
Well, there is truth and then there is politics - and the first rarely helps the second.  
Expect this report to be de-bunked (or trumpeted)  by those who don't mind using dead American diplomats as a way to score point on the opposition.
        PS:  "Torches"?  is that what passes for objective journalism these days?

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