Wednesday, 21 December 2016

So-called sacred and scientific clash on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea
In my religion, observatories are sacred sites and it is a sin to block their construction.
This woman is just saying that she wants her god to be bigger than my god.

Column: How avocado mania drives climate change and crime
Yep! It's just like drugs. The demand is the problem: if people didn't want to buy avocados and pot and crack, there would be no market, hence no crime and no global warming. 
        What are the authorities going to do to stem the demand for avocado? Will they make it a controlled substance?

YouTuber Adam Saleh ‘Kicked Off’ Flight ‘For Speaking Arabic’
Disruptive narcissistic loud-mouth, looking for a video piece to go viral, should have been thrown off the plane regardless of which language he was speaking.     Alternatively, they could have let him stay on board if he agreed to surrender his camera and have his mouth taped shut.

Satanism causing free speech debates in Boca Raton
If Christianism and Judaism are allowed, why not Satanism? 
The god of the old testament is a vile sadist - not the values we want to be instilling in our kids.

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