Thursday, 8 December 2016

Perhaps it is time for Democrats to relax about Trump, as he seems to want the same things they do:

He wants to follow Obama in using government action to create new jobs and reduce unemployment, while Carrier shows he is willing to use tax dollars to buy jobs

“Well, sometimes you have to prime the pump...” 
Another borrow-and-spend Republican who will continue the Democrat's stimulus line of the past 8 years.  Question is: will Ryan and McConnell fall in line and drop their opposition to more debt and bigger deficits?

The top priority he listed for voters was “protecting American jobs here at home.”
 And he wants to do this by giving Trade Unions the protective tariffs they have been whining for these past 65 years and by having big Washington government interfere in the decisions of private businesses.  Can he reverse Republican support for free trade?

"I’m going to bring down drug prices..."
Will he do it by allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate drug prices?  If so, their solvency is guaranteed for another two decades.  But can he overcome Republican opposition to the free market in health care, when big Pharma gives so much in campaign funds?

Finally, he express support for letting Dreamers stay,
Perhaps it is time for Democrats to get behind Trump and help him push through your agenda.
As for Republicans, what can I say?  Perhaps Hillary was more like you than Donald is.

Is the USA a Democracy?
We are not a democracy at all.
When a Wyoming citizen's vote counts 3 times as much as a Californian's.
1) It's what England used to call rotten borough.
2) It's what Democrats call anti-American
3) It's what Republicans call "Phew, and a good thing, too."
4) It's what Independents call "WTF?"

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