Saturday, 31 December 2016

Trump praises Putin over response to US sanctions, calls him 'very smart'
Published December 30, 2016

Of course Putin is very smart  He knows that Donnie owes him one for the Russian’s election efforts and, even if Mr Trump does not stay bought, Putin  knows that Donnie does not care if the Russian military attacks and undermines ANY American institution that does not affect the Trumps directly. 

Trump and many of his supporters will not care if Russia tries to bring down American churches or charities (as long as they are not Mr Trump’s own churches or charities), because these are private entities and it is up to them to protect their servers and their data, so  such attacks could never be considered an act of war.   Any attacks by Russian military cyber teams on the NFL or NBA, on CBS or FOX would be similarly sluffed off on the grounds that they are private entities.

They will even  happily turn a blind eye to the hacking and damaging of foreign entities on our soil, such as Barclays Bank or  Shell Oil, the Japanese or Australian governments,  NATO,  the UN or the IMF – unless Trump is trying to do a deal with one of them at the time.      He and his supporters will reason that these entities were not simply  spending enough on defense.

Theresa May Slaps Down US Over IsraelShe should slap down the US - they went and iterated publicly the UK (and Tory) policy on settlements.  No one hates it more than Britain when others stand up for things Brtttons say they believe in or suggests that Britain puts its money where its mouth is. Think Ukraine and the UK's guarantee of their borders.
     PS: Britain voted AGAINST Israel for the proposal on which the US abstained from voting.  
            In May's mind that makes the US more anti-Israel than Britain.

Is The Queen Dead? No, And #MediaBlackout Is Not A Thing
But Huffpo will keep giving it maximum publicity, because hyping fake news sells advertising.

GOP Congressman: Russian Hackers ‘Merely Did What The Media Should’ve Done’
Oh good.  It follows the media should be hacking his personal e-mails and his mobile phone conversations (and those of his wife and children and all of his staffers and their families). 
Does he promise the journalists will face no legal penalties when they do?

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