Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sadly correct, but wrong at base. It WILL change politics but changing politics will do nothing to stop terrrorism. No group can defend itself from individuals who wish to kill; especially those who are willing to trade their lives for mayhem.
When it come to jihadi terrorists, there is very little non-Muslims can do. The ONLY people who can stop this psuedo-Islamic terrorism is the Ummah - Muslims rooting out this cancer on Islam: the pseudo-religious moharebbeh of Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban and the rest. Just as in Northern Ireland , the only people who could stop the Catholic terrorists were Catholics and the only people who could stop the Protestant terrorists were Protestants.
Government and politics are powerless in the face of perverters of religion. That will not stop them from tightening the police state. since politicians and bureaucrats take advantage of any opportunity to increase their power.
But, no matter how big-brother they get, they cannot stop a determined killer.

Blaming Terrorist Attacks On Refugees Isn’t Going To Make Europe Safer
Pretending it was not a refugee who committed this attack will not make Europe safer either.

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