Tuesday, 13 December 2016

CIA report of Russia interference in 2016 race divides Republicans
Of course the Putin puppet would say "ridiculous" and "move on"
Then appoint the Kremlin's hand-packed Secretary of State in a quid pro quo.
Will the CIA be able to tell us who Trump's handler is in Moscow?
They must be so proud of their sleeper.

Labour MPs Threaten Jeremy Corbyn With ‘Work To Rule’ In Row Over Momentum
Corbyn is threatened with what exactly? 
Clearly "work to rule" is some kind of code, as the article never explains what this means for an MP.
    Still, if Labour is going to reselct each candidate on a one-man-one-vote basis, it is time for even more Tories and UKIPers to join the Labour Party and help pick unelectable wing-nuts

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