Saturday, 10 December 2016

Bombshell Secret CIA Report Says Russia Aimed To Steal White House For Trump
Interesting wrinkle: if the Donald doesn't want something to be true, the he simply refuses to believe it and attacks the source.  
It is a very modern reaction: it is what the authors and audiences of FOX and Huffpo do, but it's a scary inkling of how intelligence reports will be dealt with in future.    
    No wonder Trump does not take daily intelligence briefings.
PS: Pretty stupid headline for a report so widely written about, hence not very secret at all.

TFL Staff did NOT mock a trans woman
The remark merely stated a fact, but truth and fact are perceived as ridicule by some.
However, I agree about the train announcements: in keeping with modern manners, they should start "Listen up, people" or just "Oy, You!"

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