Wednesday, 25 May 2016

‘Brexit’ Campaigners Praised Institute Of Fiscal Studies, Now Says It Does ‘Propaganda’
The type of slander we have come to expect from the Leave group: 
"Anyone who disagrees with me is venal, corrupt, evil or all three."
      American politics comes to Britain. You'd think it was FOX News against MSNBC.

NHS Doctor Issam Abuanza Joins Islamic State In Syria 
Duped my Aunt Fannie. He is moharebbeh and there should be a fatwa of takfir raised against him.

Should Domestic Violence Victims Go To Prison For Killing Their Abusers?
No! Abused women should be able to kill with impunity. 
Similarly, nagged men should be forgiven when they snap.

Swedish Court Upholds Julian Assange’s Arrest Warrant
That is outrageous! A guy who published some leaked documents should be able to perpetrate sexual assault with impunity, shouldn't he?

Weekend Work Emails Are Now Illegal In France
But, presumably, not illegal for the workers to send personal emails during working hours?

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